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Space Satellite
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SEDS-UPRM was founded by space enthusiast students back in October 2016 with the objective of opening doors to students to be part of a community involved in space exploration. This SEDS chapter is the only one in Puerto Rico. SEDS-UPRM seeks to empower young people to participate and make an impact on Space Exploration. The union of different students with diverse backgrounds from the University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez and our sisters campuses, under the common interest for Space development and exploration is what drives SEDS UPRM. Through this student organization, the objective is to educate the people of Puerto Rico about the benefits of Space, promote worthy leadership in our members, and inspire others through involvement in space-related pursuits. The vision is to prepare young minds for the space industry in Puerto Rico by providing them the necessary tools to aid in their academic, professional, and social development as individuals in order to pioneer the Space Industry in Puerto Rico.


(+1) 787-832-4040 

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