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Image by Daniele Colucci


Science and Payloads

This division is tasked with the development of the science payload for the scientific mission. It must possess the capabilities for life detection and sample collection.  

Adian Martínez

Axel G. Ruiz Piñero

Bianca Negron

Francisco Pacheco

Jean Jimenez

Kamila Torres

Keishla M. Vera

Kyleshaquill Soto

Leonardo Cordero

Viridis Miranda

Wilmary Santana

Yanishka González

science 2.jpeg
Power and Electrical Systems

This division is responsible for the develpment of the Power System and Communication System of the Rover. 

Enid G Fernández

Ruben Vargas

Fabian Benitez

Alvin Roman

Julian Yee

Rafael Mejías

Alexander Molina

Robotics and Software

This division is responsible for the development of the code to operate the Rover and the design and performance of the robotic arm. 

Darwin S. Martinez

Eduardo Torres

Fernando J. Flores

Gabriel Ortiz

Gadiel J. De Jesus 

Jean Hernadez

Kiara Pérez

Pablo E. Serrano

Rubén A. Marrero

Project Managment

This division is responsible for tracking team requirements, managing social media, and coordinating team fundraisers and activities.

Anthony Manzano

Daniella Vargas

Ian Santiago

Laured D Santiago

Paola Martínez

Thanailie Soto

Verónica Guerrero Díaz


This division is tasked with the development, manufacturing, and assembly of the rover's design. 

Andrés E. Pérez Acosta

Angel Santiago

Beatriz C. Fuentes

Keishally Santiago

Michael Arroyo

Nathaniel Crespo

Valeria Jimenez

Valeria Oliver

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